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New updates have been marked in bold. If you commissioned me before these updates, you didn't agree to them and therefore I cannot hold you to them, but please be aware of them. Thank you!

Quote Forms & Replies

If you are looking for a rough estimation, please see my base prices:
If you cannot afford my base prices, you cannot afford a suit from me.

When asking for an individual quote, please fill out my quote form, found here.
You will receive an email reply as soon as I am able to respond, usually within a week.

I will NOT reply to forms if:

- A valid email is not provided (I need that to send your quote reply to you!)

- $1+ compensation for the quote is not received

- The form is not filled out in entirety for the suit type you'd like to commission (ie. you want a partial, but handpaw info is missing)
- Information provided on the form conflicts with this TOS (ie. deadline of less than 8 months)

- Information provided on the form conflicts with itself  (ie. requesting both 2D and acrylic eyes, or both stuffed and silicone pawpads, etc)

Quotes do not include the price of shipping.



A Down Payment / Deposit of 30% is required to reserve your spot in my queue. This covers materials and is non-refundable.

The other 70% can be paid any time before shipping out your suit, usually in monthly or biweekly increments.

I will no longer start work on fursuits until I have received 100% of the payment. I will never ship out a fursuit until I have received 100% of the payment. No exceptions.

The 30% deposit is NEVER refundable. The other 70% can be refunded if you change your mind BEFORE I begin work on the suit. However, the refund cannot be guaranteed immediately. This is my only job and the purpose of a job is to pay bills, so often money gets used right away to do that. I may have to get another commission or make a pre-made in order to get your refund back to you. Thank you for understanding!



Buyer understands that fursuits can be hard to wear! They can  be bulky, claustrophobic, are always hot, and have less visibility than normal  eyesight. Please take care of yourself when in suit! Take breaks, and drink plenty of water. Many people like to have handlers when navigating unfamiliar territory, or when out around the public.

AstroAntlers is not responsible for any injury you may incur while in your suit,  including, but not limited to heat stroke, falls, and panic due to claustrophobia.


Buyer Responsibility

Buyer must provide accurate ref sheet for work to begin on the suit. If you do not have a ref, I can help you find some lineart that you can color in for me to follow. Your suit will be made to the specifications of the ref sheet. AstroAntlers is not responsible for inaccuracies on your suit due to an inaccurate ref.

Buyer is responsible for proper care of their fursuit, which includes:
-Picking up head properly, not by ears or nose.
-Brushing regularly and correctly (use a slicker brush backwards!)
-Spray suit components after use with isopropyl alcohol and water spray to prevent bacterial growth. (I sell this in my store, so no excuses!)
-Wash as needed. I recommend washing after each convention or hard wear.
-Avoid getting eyes wet with isopropyl alcohol (water is fine!)
-Avoid mud, wine, and anything else known to leave a stain
-When sending any suit components back for repairs make sure they have just been freshly laundered. I will not accept bad smells or extreme dirt in for repair.

Fursuit cleaning products available here: http://astroantlers.storenvy.com/


This is a business transaction. I am not required to carry on a conversation with you outside of discussing your commission nor am I required to become your friend. Abusing communications may result in your commission being dropped without refund.


Turn Around Time

Usually announced at opening time or when you receive your quote.  I try to keep my ETA at about 8-12 months, but it will vary based on how full my queue is.

I no longer take deadlines. I will not rush to get a suit completed. The quality of your suit is more important to me and when I rush things, of course they don't always turn out as good as they could have. I previously took deadlines near the normal completion time, but I will NO LONGER be doing that. NO DEADLINES, WHATSOEVER.

I don't necessarily work on commissions in the order they are received, however I still try to keep my queue organized to where no one is waiting longer than the current ETA.

For most up to date information, please follow my Telegram channel: https://t.me/astroantlers



If your suit arrives with any fitting issues, or is defective in some way please  contact me right away to arrange for an adjustment. If I am in error I am responsible for paying shipping both ways.

For repairs needed based on normal wear such as minor rips, popped seams, sizing adjustments, adhesion failure etc, please contact me to arrange repairs. For these, buyer pays shipping both ways and materials, but no additional fee.

For damage incurred from misuse, or rough-housing  in  suit, sizing issues due to buyer taking incorrect  measurements or providing a subpar DTD, or inaccuracies from an inaccurate ref sheet, the buyer will be responsible for paying shipping both ways, materials fees, plus a fee based on hours to alter the suit.

Please expect your suit to go through normal wear and tear. If you take proper care of your fursuit it will last years. But, as with any article of clothing there  will be a point of no return, and the life of your suit or suit component will be  over. If you ever need replacement items please contact me, and I can quote  you for individual items. Please be aware that I can make no guarantee on  matching fabrics exactly years later as even the same color of fabric from the  same manufacturer can vary slightly with each new dye lot they produce.




I ship via USPS, unless otherwise requested. All packages are shipped Priority 2-Day with tracking and are insured for the full value of the suit.

Shipping prices will vary by suit, but typical shipping cost for a full suit is $160.

Please be aware that customers are responsible for all shipping charges and  any customs charges they may incur.

For shipping outside the USA: The country you live in reserves the right to charge a customs fee on any imported items.   Customs charges can be as much as 1/3 the total cost of the item depending on the country. You may check with your country’s post for more specifics.

I insure all packages for the full value of the items when shipping. If I  were to insure the package for a lower value so as to avoid high customs  charges, then your suit would not be covered if it got damaged or lost during transit. With the full insurance, you will be monetarily compensated for the full value if the delivery company loses or damages your fursuit.

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