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frequently asked questions

Do you take payment plans?

Yes! 30% of your total is required as a non-refundable materials deposit. The other 70% can be paid any time before shipping, usually in biweekly or monthly payments.

What payment options do you accept?

GooglePay or Zelle. All you need is a valid debit/credit card or bank account.

What measurements or DTDs do you require?


Bodysuits require:

-duct tape dummy (DTD) of your body, from ankles, wrists, and neck in. I will not make bodysuits with measurements only.

Handpaws require:

-tracing of your hand (preferred) OR LxW of your hand

Feetpaws require:

-feet built on shoes or slippers: you provide said shoes or slippers (preferred) OR provide shoe size and additional payment for shoes or slippers

-plush feetpaws and sock paws: DTD of your foot (preferred) OR LxW of your foot


Heads require:
-measure around your head where a hat would sit

Arm sleeves require:

-DTD of your arm (preferred) OR length of arm, circumference of wrist, circumference of bicep at widest part

Infographics will be provided on how to get measurements for everything. A DTD tutorial can also be provided.

When will you start on my suit?

Approximately 2-4 months before the deadline or current ETA, providing payment has then been received in full. For example, if the current ETA is 8-12 months, your suit will be started 6-10 months from the time your deposit was paid. I will contact you shortly before I do start on it to double-check that all the info I have for your suit is correct, so you will know when I start on it.

How long does it take to make a fursuit?

It highly depends on the suit! A typical digitigrade fullsuit will take me approximately 150 hours, usually spread across 5-6 weeks, to complete.

Why will it take so long to get my suit to me?

I have a lot of other suits in my queue! Plus, life. I promise I'm working as hard as I physically and mentally can to get your suit to you, but things get in the way sometimes and I've tried to make my current ETA reflect that. But mostly, I've just got a lot of other suit commissions to work on! I appreciate your patience!

What if my suit gets lost in the mail?

Any time I ship a fursuit, I insure it for the full commissioned value of the suit. If USPS loses it, they will refund you for the entire amount you paid for it.

I sent in a quote request form, why haven't I gotten a quote reply back?

Make sure you sent payment for it and that the email you provided is correct! I try to reply to quote at least once a week, but somtimes it may take up to 14 days for me to get back to you. If longer than 14 days goes by, please feel free to contact me.

Do you ship international?

Yes! The customer will be responsible for all shipping and customs fees, but I am willing to ship anywhere in the world.

Will you make a fursuit for a minor/child?

Yes, however I recommend waiting until you've mostly stopped growing to commission a suit, even just heads as they too are custom made to fit the commissioner. Also, I will not take a commission directly from a minor, I would need to do business directly with a parent or guardian.

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