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pricing & features


These are my base prices. This is the minimum that I will make a suit or suit part for. Prices will go up based on complexity and material options. For an individual quote, please fill out my quote form.

Base prices for fullsuits thru lite partials now include 3 colors of fur!

fursuit features

Unless otherwise requested, this is how I will make certain things on your suit. Please keep in mind, you can definitely request to have things done differently on your suit, but it may cost extra.

- Digitigrade padding: pockets will be sewn into your suit and then stuffed with polyfill. A small opening will be left so you can remove the stuffing if necessary for washing, packing etc. Pockets will be made of spandex so they form to your leg for comfort.

- Handpaw padding: on puffy paws where the fingers are stuffed, the polyfill padding will be sewn in with either spandex or cotton fabric.


- Edges on handpaws, feetpaws, and the neck of the bodysuit will be cuffed with fleece.


- Hidden "vents" will be placed in front of the ears on the head, if possible.

- Head lining: if the foam/balaclava based fursuit head is chosen, your head will be built on a spandex balaclava (ninja hood). It will be sewn in along the neck of the suit. No elastic straps will be added to the head if you chose the static jaw option. The balaclava will be taken in a small bit and shaped for comfort and to keep the head snuggly on.

- Only the head and plush feetpaws will be fully lined,  no other part of the suit.

- Mouth on foam/balaclava based heads will be lined/covered with black fleece.

- Tail will be attached with twin elastic or nylon loops/straps that go on a belt.

- May be hand stitched or machine stitched, depending on what is being sewn, time, and whether my sewing machine is currently operational.


- For foam-based heads, all seams will be sewn together into a "sock" and then glued to the headbase.

- For resin-based heads, some seams  will be glued and not stitched with thread. By this, I mean that instead of sewing all the pieces of the fur for the head together to make one big "sock", some pieces will simply be glued onto the head next to each other and the fur hides the seam between them. Some places will always be sewn however, usually on places like the muzzle or ears where the fur is shaved, and the backs of the heads and neck. Gluing without sewing should not affect durability of the head.

- Either All Purpose  Cotton thread or Nylon Upholstery thread will be used, except on the bottoms of indoor feetpaws, in which case, high-tension upholstery thread will be used.

- All suits (heads or more) will come with a "Made by AstroAntlers" badge.


Commissions are CLOSED

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