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how to order

1. Make sure you've read over my Terms of Service. Commissioning me automatically means you agree to them, so read carefully!!

2. Look over my Pricing & Features page. Have an idea of what you want and make sure it is in your price range! I do take flexible payments plans, but please be realistic about your budget. If you cannot afford my base prices, you cannot afford a suit from me.

3. Fill out my quote form! This will give you the final price of your suit, as well as gives me guidelines for making it! Click the button below to go to the quote form.

Quotes are $3 USD. Payment is accepted via GooglePay or Zelle sent to
Please remember to send payment, otherwise you won't receive your quote! Thank you!!

4. Your quote form will be sent back to you immediately by Google Docs, just as a reference for the options you chose. Within about a week (usually) I will calculate your quote and send you your total, with any changes or notes included, from
If you would like to change anything on your quote, or if you're ready to move forward with the commission, simply reply to that email.

5. Once at least your 30% deposit is paid, I will add your commission to my Trello.
I will also contact you shortly to discuss materials and get those ordered as soon as possible. I'll also let you know what measurements or DTDs (if any) are needed for your suit. You don't have to get these to me right away, just before I start on your suit.

6. Waiting! The best part, right? My current ETA is 8-12 months. That means I won't be starting on your suit for at least 6-10 months, providing it has been paid in full. If we discussed a deadline, I probably won't start your suit until 2-4 months before that deadline. Under normal circumstances, it will not take me longer than 2 months to finish any suit once I start on it, with the usual time being 2-4 weeks. Once I start on your suit, I will contact you! And will be contacting you a lot. I usually have a lot of questions for you once I start working, and I will send you photos to be approved at each stage of the building, to make sure it all turns out just how you want it.

7. Your suit is done! Yay! This is the time I usually request payment for shipping. Once shipping is paid, and you have approved the final photos of your suit, it will be shipped to you! All fursuits are shipped via USPS Priority Mail 2-Day with tracking and insurance for the full price. Any care kits or badges will be shipped along with your suit as well.

8. Enjoy your new fursuit! If you ever have any questions about care or wear, or anything at all concerning your fursuit or wearing it, please feel free to contact me! If something goes wrong with it, also contact me! I will repair or alter your suit per my TOS.

Commissions are CLOSED

Commissions are CLOSED

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